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"The Queen of Herbs". Described as the most holy plant on earth in the ancient Vedic Puranas, Tulsi has spiritual as well as medicinal significance in Ayurveda. In hindu mythology the plant is an incarnation of the goddess Tulsi. According to Ayurveda, creates purity & lightness in the body by cleansing it of ama ( toxins). It has also been seen to influence the neurochemistry of the brain in a way similar to antidepressant medications.
Regarded as an “elixir of life”, it is believed to promote longevity * Adaptogenic - Tulsi not only helps protect the body from the degenerative effects of stress, but also repairs the body from its damage * ojas building * anti - depressant / mood enhancing * heightens awareness & promotes mental clarity * calming and balancing to the digestive system * antioxidant * increases immunity* balances hormones * anti-aging * promotes a healthy metabolism.
Combines well with most other herbs.


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